Projects done as part of Software Metrics and Project Management Information Security Courses

1. MiddleWare


We have performed a comparative study between two middlewares - Java and .Net. The comparison is done by choosing different parameters such as Features, Development Tools, Scalability, Performance, Security, Cost, and Support. We have assigned weightage to each parameter depending upon the importance of it. After assigning the weightage to parameters both in Java and .Net, .Net has got 94 points and Java has got 91 points. Eventhough .Net and Java have their own advantages and disadvantages, we conclude that, .Net overweights Java.

2. Web browsers


It involves a comparative study of four most popularly used Web browsers namely Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera. In the first phase of our project, various parameters are selected which can be broadly categorized into - General Features, Security features and browser extensibility features. Using the selected benchmarking tools, each browser is tested. We have used our own test scripts for some parameters. Depending on the performance of the browser, points are assigned to each browser. Public opinion has been taken into consideration for usability issue and finally we have come to a conclusion that Firefox is leading the Browser war. Firefox has finished first scoring 49.84 and opera has scored the next highest 48.90.

3. Languages


We present a survey on programming languages C++, Perl, Lisp and Java. Our survey work involves a comparative study of these programming languages with respect to the following parameters like: Reusability, Portability, Reliability, Readability, Efficiency, Availability of compilers and tools, Familiarity and Expressiveness. At the end, these languages are compared by considering the factors like program length, programming effort, run time efficiency, memory consumption, and reliability. Finally, we conclude that, Lisp is preferable for Artificial Intelligence Applications, Perl is used for developing parsers, fast text processing applications, and Java is preferable for Real Time applications.


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