With discovery of internet, people have found a large treasure of information available to them 24x7. Internet has become a wizard which not only makes the information available but also allows the user to transmit the information across the globe in seconds. With growing use of internet people need to use internet on the go or when they cannot access the computer at their house. When a person goes to a cyber café system he is unaware of different types of malicious activities he may encounter on the system he is using. There is no software which determines how much vulnerable system in the cyber café is and whether it is safe for browsing and transaction purposes. To solve this problem we have designed a tool which when carried to cyber café will safeguard user from the threats encountered and will give alert to user whether it is safe to use the cyber café system through a step by step procedure. It will be difficult for the user to search antivirus or security software present on system if any and start its scan and wait for the scan to finish in order to know whether it is good to use the system or not. This overhead is saved by this tool which will do scanning, detecting, updating by its own and just give the user final interpretation of whether it is safe to use the given system.

Technical Guidance

Project Member:

Neeraja A Marathe

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