Per-Site Security Configuration


Web Browsers are one of the most powerful pieces of client software which run with root privilege; therefore browsers become prime targets for hacking next to operating systems. Browsers have users who are not technically savvy who can be lured into tricks using social engineering traps. Browsers are used to conduct various financial transactions and hence a successful attack on a browser can have a disastrous impact. In the scenario of millions of websites available on internet, only a few are maintained cleanly. Users generally browse the internet in search of information, most of the times, they need a basic browser which can parse and display the html. But browsers now-a-days are configured with bells and whistles to display rich content on various websites. Though these features render rich content, sometimes leads to variety of security threats to the user PC. Each site has its own set of required features to be enabled on browser, disabling set of non-required features would decrease the risk involved in the web browsing. Enabling set of required features for the sites will protect the user’s PC from many security threats. Hence we need a scheme that can enforce set of security preferences per-site. As a proof of concept we implemented Firefox extension.

Technical Guidance

Project Member:

Konda Bharath Kumar

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