Responsive System for DDoS Attack against Apache Web Server


The application level Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) is one of the major threats that exhausts web server resources. Attackers often target Apache Web Server as it is most widely used server on which majority of the business critical applications are hosted and run 24x7. In this project we propose a solution for the detection and prevention of DDoS attack at the web server level. Proposed scheme is based on the concept of source throttling where the client pays a resource stamp fee which is negligible when the client is making a limited number ofrequests but becomes a limiting restriction when a large number of requests are sent. This prevents an attacker from consuming a large portion of the server resources. We prevent an attacker from sending large number of requests by engaging it to solve either Integer Factorization or Discrete Logarithm Problem. Many of the available solutions are effective but require attention of programmer to make application use the solution to thwart DDoS attack. Hence, server is not completely shielded from the attack if solution has been implemented for only subset of applications hosted on the same server. We implemented aforementioned algorithms in the form of Apache modules which make presence of our mechanism totally transparent to Web Application developer as well as an end user and our solution introduces negligible overhead on the web server.

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Prashant Kulkarni

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